Week 5: Dallas @ New England (-7)

This game features the best passing attack in New England against a good pass defense. The Patriots defend Brady well while the Cowboys get after the passer. The Patriots pass defense is atrocious while the Cowboys are close to New England in throwing efficiency. However, the Patriots force turnover and the Cowboys give the ball away at a high rate. It is tempting to take the seven points, but if this game holds to form for Patriots contests, the Pats will get out to a lead, go into prevent, Romo will rack up yards and points, but the Patriots will win. The Cowboys could cover while scoring a lot, but who knows. They have been one of the most effective teams in the league but are only at .500. Prediction: Stayaway

New England Patriots Dallas Cowboys
On Offense On Defense
Yards per Pass Attempt 9.352 (1) 6.216 (8)
Turnovers per Play 0.018 (7) 0.025 (12)
Sacks Allowed per Play 0.023 (5) 0.054 (2)
% Running Attempts 40.4% (18) 32.9% (2)
On Defense On Offense
Yards per Pass Attempt 8.418 (32) 8.173 (4)
Turnovers per Play 0.028 (9) 0.037 (29)
Sacks per Play 0.025 (28) 0.026 (8)
% Running Attempts 36.5% (9) 37.4% (25)
Projecting Winning % 0.662 0.727
Opponents Projected Win% 0.501 0.678
Actual Winning % 0.800 0.500
Winning Factor 0.634 0.718
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