Easiest Schedules

The Giants, Chargers, and Packers have had the easiest schedules so far. Expect some losses coming up, especially for the Chargers as they are playing like an average team. The Falcons and Browns could face a long season. Minnesota has played an easy schedule, have performed well statistically but have only won one game. This is likely to be a weird season for them, especially playing in a division with two undefeated teams. The 49ers, Ravens, and Redskins have feasted on an easy schedule that will get tougher. The Colts have played an easy schedule so far and have yet to win a game. They will likely not get many this year.

Team Win% Projected Opponent Projected
New York Giants 0.600 0.658 0.350
San Diego Chargers 0.800 0.491 0.394
Green Bay Packers 1.000 0.810 0.402
Cleveland Browns 0.500 0.395 0.427
Atlanta Falcons 0.400 0.278 0.430
Minnesota Vikings 0.200 0.617 0.433
San Francisco 49ers 0.800 0.762 0.434
Baltimore Ravens 0.750 0.829 0.453
Washington Redskins 0.750 0.721 0.464
Indianapolis Colts 0.000 0.253 0.467
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