Underachievers so far

The following 9 teams have lost at least a half game more so far than what their current team statistics indicate they should have. The Cowboys and Texans are the only teams with at least a .500 record so far on this list. Most are teams who have only one a game. Minnesota has been the biggest underachiever, losing at least two more games than their statistics indicate they should have. The lines might start discounting these teams so there might be some value in wagering on them in the next several weeks

Team Winning % Projected Winning% Extra Wins
Minnesota Vikings 0.200 0.617 -2.1
Indianapolis Colts 0.000 0.253 -1.3
Houston Texans 0.600 0.835 -1.2
Philadelphia Eagles 0.200 0.412 -1.1
Jacksonville Jaguars 0.200 0.373 -0.9
Dallas Cowboys 0.500 0.727 -0.9
Carolina Panthers 0.200 0.388 -0.9
Miami Dolphins 0.000 0.235 -0.9
St. Louis Rams 0.000 0.183 -0.7
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