Overachievers so far

The following 10 teams have won at least a half game more so far than what their current team statistics indicate they should have. San Diego, Tampa, Seattle, and Green Bay all have won at least one more game than they should have. This list includes 7 winning teams and 3 losing teams. Last year, San Diego was one of the biggest underachievers. They won 9 games but their stats project them as a 11 game winner (.717).

Team Winning % Projected Winning% Extra Wins
San Diego Chargers 0.800 0.491 +1.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0.600 0.348 +1.3
Seattle Seahawks 0.400 0.148 +1.3
Green Bay Packers 1.000 0.810 +1.0
Kansas City Chiefs 0.400 0.218 +0.9
Detroit Lions 1.000 0.821 +0.9
New England Patriots 0.800 0.662 +0.7
Buffalo Bills 0.800 0.673 +0.6
New Orleans Saints 0.800 0.675 +0.6
Atlanta Falcons 0.400 0.278 +0.6
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